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Tips for Using Sensory Toys and Comfort Items

Many of our special LifeKids deal with issues that make it hard for them to pay attention or feel relaxed in stimulating environments. They may deal with a dysregulated sensory system which may manifest as fear, physical pain, irritability, and/or discomfort from the unusual noise, movement, smells, textures, and lighting of our rooms. Using calming sensory toys and comfort items can help bring a child out of their fight-or-flight state. They may also help a child to focus by offering their mind something relaxing to do while they listen.

What makes a good sensory toy?
Many everyday items make great sensory toys. Pay attention to which items help the child you work with to regulate and calm, and which ones stimulate them. When you find something that works, keep it with you each weekend so it’s ready when you need it!

Anything squishy

Anything with lights

Anything with heft

Things with (or without) fragrance

Things to chew

Things that block out stimuli

Things for fidgeting