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Through the Eyes of a Lion

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Know The Series

The darkness you might feel looming over your life won’t last forever. Heartbreaks heal. Suffering is temporary. Let’s welcome the light and gain a new perspective on our pain—let’s see it Through the Eyes of a Lion.

Talk it Over

Pain and suffering is not something anyone should experience alone. You are in a group for a reason. Each week of this series, we’ll write discussion guide called Talk It Over with everything you need to lead your group through a healing conversation. Go take a look at Or, get the Talk It Over emailed to you weekly.

Through the Eyes of a Lion Bible Plan

It’s not if you face trials, tragedies, and loss, but when. What will you do when your life careens wildly into crisis? This 10-day Bible Plan based on Through the Eyes of a Lion by Levi Lusko will help you train for trials you’re not yet in. Each day, you’ll discover that where there’s impossible pain, there’s incredible power.


Some Ideas For Your LifeGroup

  1. Read the Bible Plan together. Ask your LifeGroup to read the plan during the week, and watch as your discussion becomes that much richer when you gather during this series.
  2. Train for trials you’re not yet in. It’s possible that no one in your group is in the middle of tragedy or deep pain. That’s okay! This is the perfect time to prepare your hearts for trials you’re not yet in.
  3. Find a roaring post from There will be lots of great posts during this series. Try searching “pain.” Ask God to lead you to the right post each week to share with the right people in your LifeGroup.
  4. Be vulnerable. Have you gone through tragedy? What was your experience? How did you learn to rely on God? What was hard about that? What are you still facing? As you open up, your group will too.
  5. Invite friends. People are hurting. People need hope. This series is the time to invite your friends who are experiencing loss, grief, and pain. But don’t just invite your friend to church, bring them to your LifeGroup too!

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