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This is the Most Effective Way to Lead Your Students

If we’re going to be exceptional Switch leaders, we have to realize we can’t lead someone somewhere we’re unwilling to go ourselves. And at Switch, we have a really important mission—leading students to become fully devoted followers of Christ. But we can’t lead students to be fully devoted followers of Christ if we aren’t taking daily steps toward becoming fully devoted ourselves.

So, how can you be an incredible Switch leader, and what’s the most effective way to lead students? Lead by your example. Your actions speak way louder than your words, and if your students see you modeling what it looks like to follow Jesus, they’re far more likely to follow Him, too. However, if your students see you saying one thing and living another—they’re likely to show up at Switch one way and act differently at school, too.

The truth is, your students are looking to you to be a spiritual influencer in their life. And while we won’t be perfect or always get it right, we can and should strive to model what it looks like to have a growing relationship with Christ. Check out this video for some more tips about how to lead in the most powerful way—through your example.