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Things Jesus Never Said

Things Jesus Never Said for Your LifeGroup

Jesus shared a lot of wisdom in the Bible. And lately, He also seems to share a ton on Instagram, on screen-printed mugs, and in those images your aunt posts on Facebook, too. But how much of it is true? Where’s the line between what He actually told us and the Things Jesus Never Said?

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Talk It Over

Worried you might misquote Jesus, too? The Talk It Over guide helps any LifeGroup find all the key points, Scriptures, and inspiring challenges from the weekly message. You can find it in the Life.Church App and at Or, maybe you just want to get it in your inbox weekly.

Things Jesus Never Said Bible Plan

Thankfully, Jesus speaks for Himself, and you can read His words in this new Life.Church Bible Plan to accompany Pastor Craig Groeschel’s message series, Things Jesus Never Said.

Things Jesus Never Said Tips

  1. Ask your group to think of one phrase or idea they think Jesus said but now aren’t so sure.
  2. Celebrate Easter, or Passover, or Palm Sunday together as a LifeGroup.
  3. Your LifeGroup is more than a Bible study—it’s a group of friends. If you’re looking to strengthen friendships, watch this.
  4. The weather is getting better. If you can, meet outside soon. There’s something about spring that tells the story of Jesus and new life.
  5. Search for helpful articles to share with your group about topics like Jesus, grace, forgiveness, encouragement, and sharing faith.