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The Vow

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Know The Series

Wedding vows are more than a declaration of love—they hold the keys to a strong, lasting marriage. Whether you hope to get married someday or you’ve already tied the knot, discover what The Vow can mean for the future. It’s time to get your LifeGroup excited for this new series running June 10 through July 3.

Talk It Over

Whether you have great marriage experience or not, we’ll give you everything you need to lead a discussion for couples or singles about what it means to have a healthy, lifelong marriage. Go take a look at Or, get the Talk It Over emailed to you weekly.

The Vow Bible Plan

What if you could hear from six couples who have practical experience applying what Pastor Craig and Amy will be sharing each week? You can. They wrote a Bible Plan, and it will be available on June 9.

Five Easy Ideas for Your LifeGroup

  1. Visit to find even more marriage content for your group.
  2. Each week, ask one or two people, or couples, in your group to come prepared to share their experience with marriage. You don’t have to be married to have an experience with marriage.
  3. Ask your group to check out and come each week with some truth that helped them apply Pastor Craig’s message.
  4. Do a LifeGroup date. It doesn’t have to be romantic. But it does have to be fun. Maybe enjoy day at the lake, watch a great new movie, or grill out in the park. You know how to have fun.
  5. Do you have a group of married people? Think about going through From This Day Forward as a group.

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