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The Truth About Me

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People might say bad things about you, and you might think bad thoughts about yourself. But that stuff isn’t the truth about you. God knows who you really are. Listen to the good things He says about you!


1 Week Only!

Aug 31—Sept 1

Week 1

Sept 7-8

Week 2

Sept 14-15

Week 3

Sept 21-22

Week 4

Sept 28-29

Weekly Theme

God’s Grace: Everyone Sins Well-Known Loved I Am Chosen Masterpiece

Verse Motions

Romans 6:23 NLT Jeremiah 1:5 NLT Romans 5:8 NIRV Ephesians 1:4 NLT Ephesians 2:10 NLT

Worship Dance Motions

Already Won
Your Love Is
One in a Million
Who I Wanna Be
I Am Yours
For Your Glory
Already Won
He Rose
I Am Yours
I Am Yours
My Life His Story
One in a Million
One in a Million
I Am Yours
Children of the Light

YouVersion Bible Plans: Encourage kids to complete them at home.
For the 1-week-only God’s Grace: Everyone Sins: God’s Grace
For the 4-week The Truth About Me series: Truth or Trash

Emcee/Tech Guides: What to do, what to say, and when
1 Week Only God’s Grace: Everyone Sins
Week 1-4 The Truth About Me

Small Group Leader Guides: How to lead your small group through the Konnect experience
1 Week Only God’s Grace: Everyone Sins
Week 1-4 The Truth About Me

Motions for the Konnect Theme Song:

How You’re Changing Lives

From a Parent: “Thanks to all the amazing people in Konnect who have invested in [my son]. He’s gone from the super shy kid who can only turn in his Challenge Cards to being able to say both his verse and point every week. Beyond blessed by what the people of Life.Church have done for my family.”

Leader Notes

Heads Up!
Fourth graders are promoting to Loop September 7-8. What does this mean for you?

Leader Tip
Think about your small group. What’s the most important thing that happens in it? Building healthy, consistent relationships! Here’s one tip to try this month to grow the relationships you have with the kids in your small group:

Lead well no matter what challenges pop up each weekend. Find more tips, tricks, and training here.