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The Right Response with Michael Jr.

by Amber Siany

The Right Response with Michael Jr. for Your LifeGroup

If someone gave everything for you, what would the right response be? Join special guest Michael Jr. for a few laughs and a new perspective on what it means to live generously.

Get everything you need to prepare for LifeGroup during this new series running November 24-26.

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5 LifeGroup Ideas

  1. Share your personal story of how God has led you to be generous and what’s happened in your life as a result. Your story of God’s work in your life may be the most powerful leadership gift you could ever have.
  2. It’s not too late to throw a Friendsgiving party with your LifeGroup. It doesn’t have to be a lot of work—just keep it fun and let everyone be a part of making it happen.
  3. Challenge your group to do something generous together. Maybe you serve with a local partner, you all give above the tithe one week, or you all take the three-month tithe challenge. Let your group decide what they want to do.
  4. Start talking about what your LifeGroup will do together during the holidays. Plan ahead for when you’ll take weeks off and when you’ll be together. Here are some holiday ideas.
  5. We said this last time, but did you do it? If you’re using a paper version of the Talk It Over, try using the digital version in the Life.Church app or at

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