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The Comparison Trap

by admin

The Comparison Trap for Your LifeGroup

Comparison seems to be the default. Think about it. How do you know when you have the best price on something? You compare. When are you pleased with your waist size? You compare. How do we know where we stand with God? Sadly, we often compare. This week in our LifeGroups, let’s help each other get free from life-sucking comparison traps.

Here’s everything you need for your LifeGroup during this new series running September 1-3.

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Talk It Over

We just mentioned you can get this in the app, but what is the Talk It Over? The Talk It Over guide is where you can find all the key points, Scriptures, and inspiring challenges from each week’s message for each week’s LifeGroup conversation. Like we said (for the third time), you can find it in the Life.Church App and at Or, maybe you just want to get it in your inbox weekly.

Something to Share

Brandon is on our team here at Life.Church, but it’s not his job to write posts that hit you between the eyes and stand you back up feeling a lot better than before. He volunteered for that because he’s passionate about helping people get free from comparison traps. We hope you’ll read his post, and we hope you’ll share it with your group this week.

5 The Comparison Trap LifeGroup Ideas

  1. Did you and your group read the Hope in the Dark Bible Plan yet? It’s so real and so straight from Pastor Craig’s heart. If you haven’t yet, check it out.
  2. Did we mention you can get the Talk It Over and LifeGroup videos in the Life.Church App? Oh yeah, we did.
  3. Just get brutally honest with your LifeGroup about the comparison traps you sometimes let yourself get sucked into.
  4. Summer may have been a season of spotty LifeGroup attendance. This doesn’t mean it’s time to stop meeting for good. Watch this video and be encouraged.
  5. This may be an obvious one, but take this opportunity to make sure you’re not comparing yourself to other LifeGroups or LifeGroup leaders. God asked you to lead because you’re different, and He has plans for your group because of who He’s put in it!

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