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The Art of Watching Movie and Music with Preschoolers (Part 1)

What are you supposed to do when it seems like you’re all just sitting together to watch TV? Watch the video below and read on to get tips on keeping your Movie and Music time fun and interactive for your small group.

Watch This
Here’s your chance to watch Movie and Music in action! Observe kids in their small groups interacting with one another, their small group leader, and the video as they enjoy Movie and Music from the beginning of the video through the Bible story. Kids ages 2 through Kindergarten are included, so no matter which Early Childhood room you serve in, there’s something for you in this video!

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Read These Tips

  1. Start consistently. Always begin by flipping the Prop Talk Picture Schedule Card over and clipping the star onto Movie and Music time.
  2. Stay small. There are benefits to keeping your small group together while you watch the movie!
    • Behavior management is easier. By keeping your small group close to you (close enough so each kid could place their hand on your knee), it will help you manage their behavior and address their needs more easily. When kids clump together in the middle of the room with leaders around the perimeter, behavior and needs are much harder to deal with.
    • Learning increases. It can be tempting to zone out a little while the video has your group’s attention. Resist the urge because kids are social learners. They learn a lot more when they interact with a trusted adult while they watch a video than if they watch it on their own.
    • Relationships strengthen. When kids know you’re close and responsive to their comments, behavior, and needs, they respond by connecting with you during the video instead of seeking interaction and attention in some other (probably less appropriate) way.
  3. Create appropriate boundaries. Most little kids love cuddling and physical touch while they relax and watch a video. How can you give them what they want and maintain good boundaries?
    • Sit side by side. Unfortunately, if parents look in and see kids sitting on laps, it can make them very uncomfortable. Yet every week, a kid will want to sit in your lap! Let a child sit next to you or in front of you, instead.
    • Give high fives. For a kid who wants to rough house, let them give you high fives, low fives, and side fives to get it out of their system.
    • Let kids touch your hands. If a kid wants to snuggle up a little too close, offer them your hand and let them hold it or play with your fingers.
  4. Respond and model. Use these ideas to help you keep kids engaged and participating along with the video, even if they’ve already seen it three times before!
    • Be enthusiastic. If a kid says they’ve seen the video before, it doesn’t mean they don’t like it! Keep them excited about it by saying something like, “I’ve seen it, too! Let’s see if we can say the Bible verse together really well this week!” or, “Me, too! It’s one of my favorites! Which part do you like best?” Kids learn best and master content through repetition, so it’s important you lead them to be positive about watching the video together with you several times over.
    • Chat quietly. Talk with the kids in your small group about what you’re watching. For example, “Aw, I love Shine. I wonder what Picture Passes he has for Emily this week!” Keep your voices low, though, so other kids and groups aren’t disturbed.
    • Be an example. When Emily, Guy, Shine, or Mr. Music talk to the audience, answer them! When they ask the audience to repeat after them, sing with them, or do motions with them, do it. If you’re in it 100%, your kids will be, too.

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Think About This
Often, videos are used by weary parents as a mindless babysitter. Not in LifeKids! The video portion of the experience is your chance to connect with kids in your small group, stay in tune with their needs, and enjoy learning about Jesus—together.

Talk It Over
Now that you’ve read a few tips and watched a video, help the info stick! Talk over these questions with your Coach or a LifeKids staff member. Share what you’ve learned with other leaders in your room!

  1. What do you think is the main goal of Movie and Music time?
  2. What is the number one challenge you have, or you think you might have, as you settle your small group in for Movie and Music?
  3. How do you think it changes the dynamic of the room when leaders sit in small groups with their kids instead of sitting separately and policing the perimeter?
  4. When a kid says, “I’ve already seen this one,” how can you respond?
  5. What reasons might a leader have to want to let a kid sit in their lap? What reasons are there to avoid allowing kids to sit in laps?