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Stop Going to Church

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Stop Going to Church for Your LifeGroup

We all want to see broken lives mended. We want to see the hurting healed. We want peace and harmony to drown out chaos and anger. But it doesn’t always happen just because we hope it will. It happens when we stop going to church and start doing something even better.

Here’s everything you need for your LifeGroup during this new series running August 4–6.

Talk It Over

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Stop Going to Church Bible Plan

What if there was a way to read most of the key pieces of Scripture that talk about our role in the Church? What if it was all in one place? What if you could do it on your phone? You see where this is going.

5 Stop Going to Church LifeGroup Ideas

  1. Encourage anyone in your group who hasn’t already been, to go to Open Door at your campus.
  2. Ask each person in your LifeGroup to share their Life.Church story. How’d they join? How’d they get involved? What happened in their life?
  3. Talk about how you could start “being the church,” not just as individuals, but as a group. What can you do together?
  4. Every once in a while, try to attend a service together at the same time. Then get together after without too much of an agenda. Just enjoy each other.
  5. Send this post to your group in a group text or email, and ask them what they think about it.

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