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Spiritual Disciplines

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When you choose to follow Jesus, you become God’s friend and your spirit is made new. It’s amazing! But what can you do to grow even closer to God and live more like Jesus?


Week 1

Nov 2—3

Week 2

Nov 9—10

Week 3

Nov 16—17

Week 4

Nov 23—24

1 Week Only!

Nov 30—Dec 1

Weekly Theme

How to Get
Closer to God
Add More God Reading the Bible How to Pray to God You Before Me:
Stop Being Selfish

Verse Motions

James 4:8 NLT John 3:30 NLT Matthew 4:4 NLT Psalm 55:17 NLT Philippians 2:3 NLT

Worship Dance Motions

Shine a Light
NEW SONG! Whatever Is
Who You Are
KOTM Medley
My Life His Story
Who You Are
NEW SONG! Whatever Is
My Life His Story
Who I Wanna Be
Get to Give
NEW SONG! Whatever Is
Already Won
He Rose
Children of the Light

YouVersion Bible Plans: Encourage kids to complete them at home.
For the 4-week Spiritual Disciplines series: Train Your Spirit
For the 1-week-only You Before Me—Stop Being Selfish: Put Others First

Emcee/Tech Guides: What to do, what to say, and when
Week 1-4 Spiritual Disciplines
1 Week Only You Before Me—Stop Being Selfish

Small Group Leader Guides: How to lead your small group through the Konnect experience
Week 1-4 Spiritual Disciplines
1 Week Only You Before Me—Stop Being Selfish

Motions for the Konnect Theme Song:

How You’re Changing Lives

From a LifeKids Staff Member: “My love for the Church and specifically for kids’ ministry grows more and more each day. It started way back when I was third grader in LifeKids coming to Life.Church for the very first time and hasn’t stopped since! I love getting to lock arms with incredible, passionate leaders every week to literally build up the next generation and lead them to become fully devoted followers of Christ.”

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Leader Tip
How can you use small group discussion time in a way that builds relationships within your small group?

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