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Special Bonus Content With Pastor Craig to Help Your LifeGroup Find A Better Way

by Amber Siany

Does it sometimes feel like you’re checking off all the right boxes, but life just isn’t working? Are you tired, burning out, or just looking for A Better Way? If you can relate to any of that, these bonus You’ve Heard It Said episodes from Pastor Craig might be just what you and your LifeGroup need right now.

For the first two weeks of the series, Pastor Craig will lead your LifeGroup to recognize any areas in our lives where we might be living differently than Jesus did. And trust us—it’s going to spark some meaningful discussion.

Here are all the details you and your LifeGroup will want to know.

What’s the Content About?

The first episode is extended content that Pastor Craig couldn’t fit in a weekend sermon. He shares why we need a better way, what God showed him during his time off, and how we can start living differently from the world around us. Find it on the You’ve Heard It Said podcast starting Monday, August 16.

The next episode takes a deeper dive into what it looks like to have a healthier relationship with work and rest. We’ll explore the idea of Sabbath, godly rhythms, and why time off may not always be the solution you hoped it would be.

When and Where Will It Be Available?

Both episodes will be available on You’ve Heard It Said. You can find it anywhere you listen to podcasts, as well as on YouTube or at www.life.church/groups

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Oh, and don’t worry. We’ve got plenty of other content available for you to talk about during weeks three through five of the series. Keep reading for more on that.

How Do I Use This in My LifeGroup?

You ask the best questions. Have your LifeGroup listen to the episodes before meeting up together. Then, use the Conversation Guide to get your discussion started.

The Conversation Guides are always available in the Show Notes, and you can even get them straight to your inbox when you subscribe at www.life.church/yhis.

As a special gift to you for reading this, we’ll even link the Conversation Guides below so that you start preparing your heart for the discussion:

Still unsure how to use the podcast in your LifeGroup? Read this post for a quick refresher.

How Can I Share It?

We’re so glad you asked! Find some social media shareables at the link below:

More Resources:

We think you and your LifeGroup are really going to love this series, and it has the potential to be one of those anchor messages you go back to for years to come. To help guide your discussion, here are some more resources for you and your LifeGroup, plus some ideas about what to cover for the rest of the series.

Ready for a reality check? Proverbs 14:12 NLT reminds us:

There is a path before each person that seems right, but it ends in death.

It’s time to give up our own way and embrace the better way of Jesus. It won’t always be easy, but it will always be worth it. So let’s encourage one another to not just hear these messages from Pastor Craig but also to have the wisdom and courage to apply them to our lives.

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