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Selfless For Your LifeGroup

When you serve more, you take less.
When you give more, you need less.
When you thank more, you want less.
When there’s more of God, you’re selfless.

This series is going to shatter some of our perceptions of what it means to follow Jesus. Then it’ll replace them with something so much better. Something more real and full of joy. Below is everything you need for your LifeGroup during this new series running January 6-29.

Talk It Over

If you ever feel like your LifeGroup is stuck mostly just talking about what they want to be different, then try the Talk It Over guide. It moves your group from talk to life-changing commitment. You can find it every week at Or, get it in your inbox weekly.

Selfless Bible Plan

“Selfless” is kind of a scary word. How can I actually be like that? What does the Bible say about it? Use YouVersion’s new Plans with Friends feature to start the Selfless Bible Plan with your LifeGroup. Ask them to read a couple days each week of the series and keep your conversations alive throughout the week.

5 Selfless LifeGroup Ideas

  1. Do something selfless with your LifeGroup. If you haven’t already, now’s the time to get involved with a local mission partner at your campus. Ask your group to visit and let you know who they’re interested in getting involved with. Then, do it!
  2. Do something selfless for your LifeGroup. How can you start a chain reaction of serving each other? Who can you make a meal for? Lend a car to? Pick up groceries for? Buy diapers for? You’re the leader—start something.
  3. This is your second reminder. Use the new Plans with Friends feature in YouVersion to go through the Selfless Bible Plan It’s a powerful way to stay connected to each other and God’s Word throughout the week.
  4. Ask your LifeGroup how they’re involved in serving on the weekend and throughout the week. Share how serving is changing the way you experience church.
  5. What are the people in your group are facing? Search those topics at, then send encouraging texts or emails with the posts you find.