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Roots: Weeks 25-28

Parent Blurbs

Parent Blurb Week 25

This week we talked about worship and how worship is more than singing to God in church. We can worship God with our lives by making Him the number one priority in our lives and not letting other things take priority over Him. He alone deserves our worship, time, energy, and affection. Talk with your child this week about what things they think they put before God in their lives and help them create a game plan to put God before those things.

Parent Blurb Week 26

This week at Roots we talked about engaging with the Bible. The Bible helps show us who God is, how He relates with humanity, and how to live a Christian life. This week would be a great opportunity to check in with your child about how they are doing with their Roots Bible memory verses. This could also be a good time to start reading the Bible with your child and talking with them about how they can apply it to their lives right now.

Parent Blurb Week 27

This week we focused on prayer. Prayer is both talking to God and listening to God. It’s more than just asking Him for things. It’s thanking Him. It’s listening to Him. Prayer is about communicating with God and building a relationship with Him. Talk with your child about what they need prayer for most in their lives and commit to praying for them. Also pray together with your child every day and model what prayer should look like and be.

Parent Blurb Week 28

This week we discussed how to deal with conflict and learning how to forgive. We talked about how forgiving others gets rid of negative feelings inside of us and allows us to move forward. Talk with your child and see if they have any unforgiveness in their lives. Encourage them to forgive and work it out with whomever they need to.


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