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Reaching People for Christ

Know The Series

Everyone knows someone who’s hurting, longing for comfort, and searching for answers. It might even be you who’s looking for light in a dark world. But when you find hope, you can’t wait to share it. Now’s the time to start Reaching People for Christ.

We’ll learn how to share our faith in these three ways:

1. Through our relationships

2. Through our invites

3. Through our story

Talk It Over

One way to know if something is dead or alive is to see if it grows. A wooden chair does not grow. A tree does. So then, what is growth? At its simplest, growth is replication. This dead-or-alive test works for examining your LifeGroup, your marriage, your finances, and most importantly, your faith.

Is your faith replicating itself in the places where you spend your time? Before you get overwhelmed and pronounce your faith dead, open up and learn some simple tools for bringing your faith to life. The Talk It Over guide will help you ask the right questions to spark a conversation that leads to action. Go take a look at Or, sign up today to get the Talk It Over emailed to you weekly.

Read this Bible Plan Together

So if your faith is alive, it’s replicating itself, right? But how do regular people actually do that? The Share Jesus – Go & Give Life Bible Plan offers practical ideas, modern stories, and biblical tools for sharing the life you have with others. Think about asking your LifeGroup to go through it the week before or after the Reaching People for Christ message.

You’ve Got This

Below is a really great excerpt from the Share Jesus – Go & Give Life Bible Plan by yesHEis. We hope it’s encouraging to your LifeGroup.

Today’s reading is referred to as “The Great Commission,” the calling each believer has to go and spread the news of Jesus … Jesus said “and behold, I am with you always.” Jesus gave His disciples a glimpse of when they could experience His nearness. It’s when they go.

When you are obedient in sharing the news of His love and peace, when you take the risk of evangelizing, praying for someone who doesn’t know Him … Jesus says that He is with you. He is near.

Be Inviting

One of the key themes of the message will be inviting others to come with you to church. When we ask people how they ended up at Life.Church, the answer is almost always that someone invited them. Use this message to lead your LifeGroup to be one that not only invites people to their church, but also brings people into their lives!


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