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Pre-Decide for Your LifeGroup

What if becoming the person you want to be starts long before the moment you make a decision? Before you click “buy,” before you take one more bite, or before you lash out at the people you love. Can the decisions you make today help you live the life you really want tomorrow? Let’s learn together in our new message series, Pre-Decide.

Get everything you need to prepare for your LifeGroup during this special message series running January 8-February 27.

Talk It Over

The weekly Talk It Over guide has everything you need to lead your LifeGroup through a Christ-centered conversation about the most recent message. You can find it in the Life.Church App and at Or, you could get it in your inbox weekly.

Read a Bible Plan Together

It’s possible to actually achieve your New Year’s goals this year—but it will require some discipline and intentionality to get there. Take the first step to building better habits by going through the 7-day Habits Bible Plan as a LifeGroup.

Just find the Bible Plan, choose the “With Friends” option, and then invite everyone in your LifeGroup to read along and comment each day.

Pre-Decide LifeGroup Tips

  1. Spiritual disciplines like prayer, fasting, silence, Sabbath, and solitude are very helpful for centering your life on Jesus. Ask your LifeGroup which spiritual discipline they’d like to grow in, and then decide as a group to start working toward that discipline this week. Want even more content about spiritual disciplines? Check out this episode of the You’ve Heard It Said podcast, then use this Conversation Guide to talk it over together.
  2. Habits begin as the decision to start or stop doing something. So challenge your LifeGroup to identify at least one habit they want to make or break. Use this guide to good daily habits to help.
  3. Start this Bible Plan with your LifeGroup using the Plans With Friends feature to stay connected throughout the week.
  4. As you’re leading your group to discover God’s direction for their lives, be sure to share with them how you’ve heard from God in your life. How have you come to where you are? Then, find a time for everyone in your LifeGroup to share their story, too.
  5. Read this article to learn how you can create meaningful moments with your LifeGroup this year.