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Parking Team Guidelines

The Win

Create a comfortable environment and incredible first impression for guests by offering a safe, easy parking experience with a high-energy welcome and clear directions.


Arrive on time and attend the Host Team huddle.

Parking Team members should wear the provided ministry t-shirt at all times and utilize light wands when it is dark. Part of creating a comfortable environment is being easily recognizable to our guests.

Greet guests by smiling and attempting to genuinely connect with them through their windshield.

Clearly direct guests to available parking spots or into the building.

If driving a golf cart, actively move throughout your lot and constantly look for guests who you can give a ride.

Stay in your assigned area until the message begins. Our team can’t be successful without every member!

Refrain from eating, drinking, or using your phone while serving.

Return your cart to its designated location.

Report any accidents to your Host Team Leader.

If you will miss your opportunity to serve, please inform your team leader.