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Know The Series

Are you Overwhelmed? You know, the feeling that there’s more coming in than you can handle. Like there’s never enough time. You’re doing two people’s jobs for one person’s pay at work. Not to mention the never-ending list of projects at home, in your marriage, and everywhere you look. There’s a better way. Let’s find it. This message runs the weekend of October 21-23.

Talk It Over

Get the most out of Pastor Craig’s message by using the Talk It Over guide to find key points, Scriptures, and inspiring challenges. The mobile-friendly Talk It Over guide is always available at www.life.church/talkitover. Or, get it in your inbox weekly.

Find a Bible Plan

There’s a Bible Plan in the YouVersion Bible App for just about every stage of life, trial, or situation you can imagine. This list includes a few you might be looking for.

5 Overwhelmed LifeGroup Ideas

  1. Are you overwhelmed with trying to get people to join or maybe just show up for LifeGroup? Here are five ideas to simplify your effort.
  2. It’s okay to occasionally take a week off as the leader. Every once in a while, pick someone in your group and empower them to lead. You can take a break and they can grow.
  3. What is your vision for your LifeGroup? Do you know? Does your LifeGroup know? Create a vision for your LifeGroup.
  4. Take a vacation, like right now. No, seriously–read this.
  5. Join with another LifeGroup around a bonfire or a fire pit for some s’mores and hot cocoa!

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