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One Tip to Change the Way You See Your Students

You show up to Switch consistently, but your students don’t seem to be making progress. You challenge them to do a Bible Plan, and they decline it. You try to have meaningful discussion during small group time, but your students can’t settle down enough to answer even one question. What do you do as a leader when your students are in a spiritual rut? We know it’s easier said than done, but have patience because progress takes patience.

We have to celebrate the small wins along the way and champion our students even when they seem disengaged. Your students may be making bigger spiritual strides than you realize, so reframe your perspective and remember that you may be the only caring adult a student sees. So how can we help our students take next steps in their faith journey?

The best things we can do as Switch leaders is help students feel needed and known and to point them to their next step in their faith journey. But again, have patience. When we recognize that each student has a different next step, we stop comparing their success with other students’ success.

So, show up for your students. Champion them. And challenge them. Progress takes time, but your investment in their life has ripple effects that have the power to change their life forever.