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Not a Hostage

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Not a Hostage for Your LifeGroup

We’re all bound to find ourselves in difficult situations, but we don’t have to be bound to them. You’re not a hostage to fear, pain, and doubt when you have hope, peace, and love on your side.

This one-week message is one you’ll want to share with your LifeGroup October 13-15.

Talk It Over

Get the most out of Not a Hostage by using the Talk It Over guide to find key points, Scriptures, and inspiring challenges. The mobile-friendly Talk It Over guide is always available at, in your inbox weekly, or in the Life.Church app.

Start a Bible Plan Together

Here’s a great Bible Plan to bring what you hear on the weekend into your week. Start the Bible Plan with your LifeGroup using the Plans with Friends feature, and watch as God speaks to and through your group all week long.

5 Not a Hostage LifeGroup Ideas

  1. The number one way to get people to come back to LifeGroup is to give them a reason to come back. How can you give away ownership and responsibility to the members of your group?
  2. Do what your LifeGroup can do together that you can’t do when you’re apart. Here are some things that are difficult or impossible to do when you’re apart: pray together, laugh together, eat together, look each other in the eye and listen, experience God’s presence together, and serve others together.
  3. If your group is new or you just feel you need some rejuvenation, start the Belong series.
  4. If you really want to have fun with this series, look for an escape room experience near you and go try it out as a LifeGroup. Nothing reminds you you’re not a hostage quite like breaking out of a locked room together!
  5. Ask your group this question: What is one part of your life that feels locked-up or stuck? What do you think the key is to getting unstuck?

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