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At the Movies 2016

by Jason

Know The Series

Average movies entertain us. The best ones inspire us. So what can movies tell us about our own lives? Plenty! Grab some popcorn and find a seat. At the Movies premieres this July, only at Life.Church and Church Online for a limited time!

Week 1: You’ll know soon enough.

Week 2: We’d tell you but then we’d have to …

Week 3: It’s a total secret.

Week 4: Okay, here’s a freebie. This one is …

Talk It Over

You know how sometimes you spend like 20 minutes on one question and then skip the next? Well that’s totally okay! In fact, that’s what we want you to do. Use the Talk It Over guide to pick and choose the questions that work best to engage your group in healthy discussion that leads toward action. Find the guide for each week of At the Movies at Or, sign up today to get the Talk It Over emailed to you weekly.

At the LifeGroups

At the Movies is like built-in fun for your LifeGroup. You could have movie nights where you watch each week’s movie together. You could dress in a movie theme. You could totally do popcorn and movie snacks. You could charge people admission to your house. Okay, don’t do the last one. If you’re nearby, you could hit up several Life.Church campuses and tour their lobbies. If your group has kids, do the same with the movies they’re learning from. Maybe you need some more LifeGroup ideas for this Summer? Here are seven! Whatever you do, have fun and grow together as you apply the biblical truths in these movies to your lives.

Be Inviting

At the Movies is your best opportunity to invite someone who doesn’t normally go to church. If they’re not ready for church, maybe invite them to a fun At the Movies LifeGroup get together first.


Series promos, message excerpts, and more are available at the Life.Church YouTube Channel.

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