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More Like Jesus

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Know The Series

Do you live like Jesus or just agree with Him? For two weeks, we’ll hear from, no, experience Bob Goff. He’s a New York Times best-seller and all that, but more importantly he may be your favorite guest speaker all year. Can we say that? Double checking … it’s too late. We already said it. Invite your group to come experience Bob and learn to be More Like Jesus.

From October 15 through October 23, Bob will cover these ideas.

Talk It Over

Your group will have lots to talk about after hearing Bob. We sure do. We wrote down some great questions, Scriptures, and Bob’s key points. Just pick and choose what you need to fuel a healthy, natural conversation. Go take a look at Or, get the Talk It Over emailed to you weekly.

Bob’s Bible Plan (and Book)

Remember he’s a New York Times best-seller? That’s because of his book, Love Does. You’ll love it. Bob also created a Bible Plan based off of his book. It’s the perfect length for your group to read together in between Bob’s two weeks with us. Here you go.

Go Do It

Pep talk time. Bob will say it. Craig said it during How to Neighbor and Love Like Jesus. Most importantly, Jesus said it. We’re invited to live like Jesus lived which means loving like Jesus loved. There’s no better way to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ than that.

Here are some quick ideas for getting started. Pray and ask Jesus how you can model His life with your life. Learn the names and needs of the people who you’re around often (neighbor, co-worker, mail carrier, server, barista, mechanic). Become a regular where you buy groceries, get coffee, pump gas, go running, get haircuts, etc. Definitely learn how to Connect Locally with local partners and plan with your group to get involved. Love does. Do something!

Be Inviting

Listen, no matter who you bring, they will really be changed by these messages. We promise. Bring someone.


Series promos, message excerpts, and more are available at the Life.Church YouTube Channel.

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