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How You’re an Evangelist!

When you signed up to serve in LifeKids, you were probably thinking about having fun with kids and getting to share God’s love with them. “Evangelism” probably wasn’t the first thought in your head.

And for good reason! The word evangelism has come to sound a little scary—is it explaining everything about the theology of what it means to follow Christ? Asking kids if they’re going to Heaven when they die? That’s a little intense.

But evangelism doesn’t have to be those things. As a matter of fact, you’re probably already a great evangelist in the things you’re already doing with kids on the weekend. Watch this video and read below to find out how important evangelism is in everything we do in LifeKids.

What is evangelism?
Evangelism is the Great Commission—the final command Jesus gave to us after the resurrection. He called us to go and make disciples. And, guess what? When you show up to serve in LifeKids, you’re doing just that!

Why does evangelism matter?
When we teach kids about God’s love and what it looks like to follow Jesus, we are empowering them to become amazing disciples and lead the best life God created them to lead. Their lives are impacted in incredible ways.

How am I an evangelist?
When you show up each weekend to play with kids, teach them, and lead them, you’re evangelizing because you’re encouraging kids to grow in their friendship with Jesus! Here are some of the simple things you do that turn kids and their families to Jesus.

The most important part of evangelism doesn’t even happen on the weekend, though—it’s your personal, everyday response to Jesus. Seek Him, pray, get into His Word consistently, and ask Him to fill you up. When you’re full of Jesus, you can’t help but spill His love and truth into the kids and families you get to see each weekend!

Talk through these discussion questions with your fellow leaders and LifeKids team to see what you can do to uniquely improve customer service for parents.

  1. What things are you already doing in LifeKids to help kids grow as disciples of Jesus?
  2. How do you think evangelism looks different for each age group in LifeKids?
  3. How does your service in LifeKids help parents become better disciples of Jesus?
  4. What do you do personally to strengthen your own walk with Jesus? How does this help you on the weekend?
  5. What do you think you should start doing in your personal relationship with Jesus? Who can help you and hold you accountable?