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Make It Personal: Inspire Their Faith by Your Example

When you model what becoming a fully devoted follower of Christ looks like in your life, it becomes personal for your small group. Why is it important to inspire your small group’s faith by your example? Because almost any leader can go over the verse and ask questions about the video each week. You might even be able to talk through a Bible story with your small group. But by sharing your experiences and how you’re growing in your relationship with Christ, you have a unique opportunity to bring faith to life in a completely new and personal way.

Lead Small describes it this way, “Sharing your faith journey allows you to take your small group from seeing the Bible as book on a shelf—seeing God and Christians as people they might know, but never be like—to a living, breathing text-to-life example of genuinely inspiring faith.”

This month in LifeKids and Switch, we are learning about spiritual disciplines. Think about the spiritual disciplines you have (or don’t have) in your life. A great place to begin making it personal is actively growing in your relationship with Christ. Regularly reading your Bible and applying what you learn from God’s Word, praying each day, and attending a worship experience each week.

What spiritual disciplines will you begin today?