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I Wanted to Quit Switch, but I Tried This Instead

One night as I was leaving for Switch, I told my husband, “I don’t want to go.” Then, he asked the all-important question, “Why?” It took me a minute to figure it out because things had started off strong when I first became a leader. My group was in middle school then, but when high school came, my girls had slowly stopped showing interest in Switch—and that made me feel the same way.

Teenagers can lose interest quickly. That’s a fact. But I knew I was called to stick it out and stay in their lives. I am always telling my girls that their emotions don’t have brains, and I needed to follow that advice myself. So, I kept showing up. And I kept reaching out. I even made an extra effort to try to contact each of my girls individually that week. And just when I was beginning to get discouraged again, three inspiring things happened.

First, I got a text from one of my girls telling me about how she was struggling to connect with God, and she asked if I would pray for her. I did, and I found a YouVersion Bible Plan for her to start. Next, one of my girls invited me to watch another one of my girls’ soccer games who had the chance to play varsity for the first time. I showed up thinking I’d be sitting with the parents, but when I went to greet the girls, they asked if I would sit with them—yes, in the middle of the high school section with all their friends. I felt old but cool at the same time! Lastly, two of my girls asked me to baptize them at the upcoming Baptism Weekend. Talk about a bucket list, amazing moment!

Being a Switch leader can be a roller coaster. But I promise that if you stick it out and go the distance, it will be worth it. So, here are my tips for how you can reach out to your Switch students throughout the week—and trust me, it’s easier than you think.

When to reach out:

How to reach out:

Where to get ideas from:

I’m so glad I didn’t quit Switch when I felt discouraged. And you don’t have to feel that way either! Keep reaching out, even if you hear nothing back. One day, you just might get that text that could change everything, just like I did.