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I Declare War

I Declare War for Your LifeGroup

It’s time to declare war on the version of yourself that you don’t want to be. Learn to get out of your own way and discover the thoughts, words, behaviors, and power you need to achieve ongoing victory in I Declare War.

Get everything you need to prepare for your LifeGroup during this special message series running November 23-December 2.

Talk It Over

The weekly Talk It Over guide has everything you need to lead your LifeGroup through a Christ-centered conversation about the most recent message. You can find it in the Life.Church App and at www.life.church/talkitover. Or, maybe you just want to get it in your inbox weekly.

I Declare War Bible Plan

If you haven’t tried the Plans with Friends feature in the YouVersion Bible App yet, this is the week to start. Just find a great Bible Plan like I Declare War, choose the “With Friends” option, and then invite everyone in your LifeGroup to read along and comment each day.

I Declare War LifeGroup Tips

  1. As a leader, start praying and asking God to show you what He wants you to see in this series. Share openly with your group about what God shows you.
  2. How comfortable do you feel praying together as a group? Here’s a video of what it could look like to pray together as a group.
  3. The best LifeGroups sometimes face the hardest questions together. Here are a few ideas for addressing tough topics.
  4. If you’re at the stage where you’d like to build more meaningful friendship with your group, start the Belong series together.
  5. Try some of these ideas for adding new people to your LifeGroup.