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How to Leverage the Bible App in Your Switch Group

As Switch leaders, we get the amazing opportunity to help students grow spiritually. But sometimes, it can feel like our students aren’t growing at all. But don’t beat yourself up. Remember that obedience is our responsibility; outcome is God’s. We can’t force our students to grow spiritually. But we can show up, invest in them, and pray for God’s Holy Spirit to do a work in them. And along the way, we can give them the right tools and resources.

One of those tools and resources is an absolute game-changer. It’s been downloaded over a quarter of a billion times, and it’s got a ton of amazing features you can leverage in your Switch group. You guessed it. It’s the Bible App! Not only does it have all sorts of translations of God’s Word that you carry around in your pocket but also it’s packed with features—like Bible Plans, verse images, Streaks, etc.—that can take your Switch students to the next level in their faith.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what some of the makers of the YouVersion Bible App (who are also awesome Switch leaders) have to say about it. And use these tips in your next Switch group discussion!

So, there you have it. Pull out these tricks next time you’re feeling in a rut with your students, and it just may be the motivation they need to explore God’s Word from a fresh perspective. And you just might learn a few tips for yourself, too!