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How to Create Meaningful Moments for Your Switch Groups

Switch is an amazing place for students to come hear about God, but it can sometimes be difficult to compete for their attention with everything else on their plates. By the time our students arrive on a Wednesday evening, their brains are buzzing with school, homework, family life, sports, social pressures, and all sorts of other stuff. So, how do we as leaders sift through the noise and make the most of our brief time with them? Trust us—it’s not as difficult as you think.

Of course we’re encouraged to go to their sporting events, recitals, and concerts outside of Switch if we’re able. That’s awesome! But there’s also great ways to make the most of the time we’ve already committed to on Wednesday nights.

I’ve been with my students for three years, and here are some ideas my co-leader and I have discovered:

I hope the above suggestions kick off your own brainstorm of fun ways to make the most of a Wednesday evening at Switch because creating meaningful moments for your group doesn’t have to be stressful but can absolutely be game-changing. You’ve got this!