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How Do I Partner with Parents?

In LifeKids, you’ve probably heard someone talking about partnering with parents. But what does it mean, why does it matter, and how can you actually do it?

Watch this video, and read below to find some answers—and learn three ways you can partner with parents well.

We spend one hour each week with kids. Their parents spend 167. That is why we choose to partner with parents in discipling their kids instead of taking on the entire responsibility ourselves. We are a support to parents and a second, godly voice in their kids’ lives.

Be consistent.
When a parent knows you’ll be there every week to take care of their kid, it’s a big deal. They don’t have to process a new person showing up all the time, whether or not their kid will know their leader, or what their kid’s experience will be like. They’ll know their kid’s experience will be consistent because they’ll know you are consistent. Parents want to bring their kid back when they know their kid is building a healthy relationship with a trusted leader.

Be positive.
Parents prefer dropping their kids off with leaders who are in a good mood and act happy to see their kid. Parents love it even more when they pick their kid up and receive a specific, positive compliment about their kid. When you’re positive and compliment kids specifically, you partner with parents by showing them their kid is in a healthy environment where they’re noticed, appreciated, and receive the attention they need.
*If a kid has a rough day, never begin a check-out conversation with the problems you had. Talk with a LifeKids staff member or a coach before the parents arrive to pick them up to see what you need to say (or not say).

Be present.
Add parents as friends on Facebook. Give them a LifeKids leader business card so they can text or email you invites to birthdays, sports events, or dance recitals. Text parents a prayer for their kid during the week, and write a post card to their kid from time to time. When you show up during a kids week, parents can feel your investment and the partnership you are building with them.

Talk through these discussion questions with your fellow leaders and LifeKids team to see what you can do to uniquely improve the partnerships you’re building with parents.

  1. What do you think you already do well in partnering with parents?
  2. What do you think is most important about partnering with parents?
  3. How do you think partnering with parents can improve the relationships you have with kids in your room?
  4. What seems most difficult about partnering with parents?
  5. What advice do you have that might make it easier to partner with parents?