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How Can My Coach Help Me?

Coaches are there to do more than count how many kids are in your room and fill out incident reports! They’re there to support you personally, spiritually, and to help you develop as a leader.

Your coach can help your LifeKids experience be less stressful and more fulfilling. Watch this video and read below to find out how you can build the relationship you have with your coach.

Share your stories.

Ask for support.

Ask for feedback.

Talk through these discussion questions with your fellow leaders and LifeKids team to see what you can do to uniquely benefit from the relationship you have with your coach.

  1. Who is your coach?
  2. How do you already connect with your coach?
  3. What did you already know your coach could help you with?
  4. What did you not know your coach was there to support you with?
  5. How do you think your relationship with your coach can help you grow as a leader?
  6. What do you most need from your coach?