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How can I help the kids in my small group live for God?

by Leaders.Life Team

The kids in your small group might love going to church—but do they know how to be the Church? When they put action to their faith, they can change the world!

Watch this video and read the article below. You’ll get tips on how to show the kids in your small group they can start doing big things for God right now, instead of waiting until they are older.

Two Ways to Give Kids Permission to Be the Church

Move them to serve.
Pay attention to the kids in your small group and see what they’re really good at doing. Help them hone that talent so they can put their faith into action to express Jesus’ love to others. Here are a few ideas of ways kids can serve others during their experience time.

Move them to what’s next.
You will only be a child’s small group leader for a short time—but your influence will extend for far longer. Here are ways your influence can encourage a kid in your small group to continue having an active faith.

Talk through these discussion questions with your fellow leaders and LifeKids team.

  1. What do you do (or what do you think you could do) to give the kids in your small group more permission to help each other, lead each other, and support each other?
  2. What are some opportunities for your small group kids to serve in the room alongside you?
  3. What would you like to see the kids in your small group do to show they’re being the church instead of just going to church?
  4. What do you think is the point of “moving kids out” and giving kids permission to “be the Church”?

A special thank you to Orange and the reThink Group for their ideas and research on their “lead small” philosophy referenced in this guide.