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How Buddies Handle Challenging Behaviors With Grace

There are a few situations you’ll encounter when working with special LifeKids. These situations will cause challenging behaviors. You’ve already loaded up your toolbox with tools to help you handle whatever comes your way. Let’s talk about some common scenarios and how you’ll use your tools to help a child cope with the stress, energy, fear, or discomfort they may be feeling.

A Child Tries to Run out of the Room

A Child Throws Toys or Plays Too Roughly With Them

A Child Won’t Stay off the Climber When You Transition to Movie and Music Time

A Child Crawls in or Under the Deflated Bounce House

A Child Won’t Sit Down for Movie and Music or Story Time

A Child Is Melting Down

A Child Is Running or Wild During Worship Time

A Child Refuses to Join in With a Small Group