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Hospitality Team Guidelines

by Angie Ward

The Win

Create a comfortable environment for guests by providing quality refreshments while interacting with each guest that approaches the Hospitality area.


Arrive on time and attend the Host Team huddle.

Hospitality Team members should wear the provided ministry t-shirt at all times. Part of creating a comfortable environment is being easily recognizable to our guests.

Connect with your Hospitality Leader after checking in. They will assign you to a particular area and communicate any details specific to the weekend.

Welcome every guest who approaches the hospitality area and assist them as needed.

Consistently provide drinks and snacks in a neat, well-presented area.

Maintain positive body language (smile, make eye contact, and stand with good posture).

Ensure the cleanliness and presentation of the hospitality area as well as seating areas through the lobby.

Stay in your assigned area until the message begins and refilling and/or clean-up is complete. Our team can’t be successful without every member!

Refrain from eating, drinking, or using your phone while serving.

If you will miss your opportunity to serve, please inform your team leader.