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Grow Up

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Grow up? Doesn’t that just happen when you get older? Not when you’re talking about growing up for God! Find out how your heart can be mature!


Week 1

January 5—6

Week 2

January 12—13

Week 3

January 19—20

Week 4

January 26—27

Weekly Theme

No Stinking No Excuses No Whining Take Care of Yourself

Verse Motions

Luke 2:52 NIRV James 4:17 NLT Philippians 2:14 NLT Hebrews 5:13 NLT

Worship Dance Motions

Who I Wanna Be
Jesus Is Alive Right Now
I Am Yours
Hey Me
My Life His Story
I Am Yours
Hey Me
Your Love Is
For Your Glory
Get to Give
Hey Me

YouVersion Bible Plan: Encourage kids to complete it at home.
Grow Up!

Emcee/Tech Guides: What to do, what to say, and when

Small Group Leader Guides: How to lead your small group through the Konnect experience

Motions for the Konnect Theme Song:

How You’re Changing Lives

From a Staff Member: This is incredible! One of the new families [at the Life.Church West Wichita launch] was someone I knew as a kid! She was overwhelmed by today! I haven’t spoken to her in years, but she saw my social media post and decided to check it out. Here’s what she said: “Today was amazing! My kids were in awe of the children’s ministry. It was such a blessing!”

Leader Notes

Heads Up
During January, some families will begin with a new year’s resolution to attend church regularly, then fizzle out. If you notice a kid in your small group begins coming regularly every week this month, then doesn’t show up, send them a post card to let them know they’re missed and you’d love to see them soon! It may be just the encouragement the family needs to continue attending weekly!

Leader Tip
How can you be consistent, and why does it matter? It’s all about trust.