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God’s Good News

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God gave us the Bible so we can learn His truth: God made us to be His friends!

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July 13—14 July 20-21 July 27-28 August 3—4

How You’re Changing Lives

From a Parent: “I use the iPad as an incentive to get my 2-and-a-half-year-old to sit long enough on the potty … Today she asked to watch a Bible Adventure. I asked her which one … and she chose, ‘The one with the cross!’

I asked what she learned on the Bible Adventure and she said, ‘Jesus died on cross for everyone. But then He raise to life!’

THANK YOU for partnering with parents to lead their kids to be fully devoted followers of Christ. So very grateful!”

Leader Notes

Heads up! This month is At the Movies for all of our campuses! Here’s what that means for you:

Keep in mind you’ve got a lot of new kids to meet this month—and the most important part of their small group experience is the relationship you build with them! Here’s a tip to try to make them feel seen and heard:

Support Resources

Click on the links below to watch videos, download leader guides, and prepare for your weekly experience.

Worship Moves: “Count on Jesus”

Worship Moves: “Let’s Praise the Lord”

Mr. Music’s Song: Yummy

Guy the Bible Guy’s Verse Motions: 2 Timothy 3:16

Theme Song Moves: “Bible Adventure”

Order of Experience What to do, when

Quick Look Which Prop Talk to prepare for, how long to play, and run time for Movie & Music

Prop Talk Leader Guide What to do for each Prop Talk

Picture Pass Leader Guide How to lead Picture Pass review time

Small Group Leader Guide Ages 2-3 How to lead your small group in Under the Sea and In the Jungle

Story Cards Ages 2-3 Story cards for small group time in Under the Sea and In the Jungle

Small Group Leader Guide Ages 4-K How to lead your small group in The Ark and Crosstown

Story Cards Ages 4-K Story cards for small group time in The Ark and Crosstown

Message Video

This Month’s Episode: God’s Good News