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Generosity + Worth Sharing December 2018

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We’re kicking off the Christmas season at The Loop Show with some crazy Christmas crafts, kooky candy canes, and lots of special guests. But we’re decking the halls with more than fluff. We’re teaching students the heart behind Christmas—generosity. God gave us His Son, Jesus, which was the best gift ever. So, in response, we’re learning to live generous lives that point back to Him.

How Long Will This Series Run?

Week 1
Generosity: What Is Generosity?
Week 2
Generosity: Be
Generous Always
Week 3
Generosity: Unstuff
Your Heart
Week 4
God With Us
1 Week Only!
Worth Sharing: The World Needs a Savior
December 1/2 December 8/9 December 15/16 December 22/23 December 29/30
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Click on the links above to download the leader guides, emcee guides, and activity guides to prepare for your weekly experience.

Ever wonder why Loop is called Loop? Wonder no longer! We’ve got some big changes coming to the Loop that you’ll want to be in the loop about. Here’s a quick video to get the scoop.
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Teaching Points & Key Verses

Week 1– Generosity is more than giving. It’s giving above and beyond.
Key Verse: Ephesians 3:20 NIV

Week 2– God sees what people can’t see.
Key Verse: Matthew 6:1-4 NLT

Week 3– Unstuff your heart.
Key Verse: Matthew 6:19-21 NLT

Week 4– Jesus showed us generosity when He gave us His life.
Key Verse: John 3:16 NASB

1 Week Only– You were called to carry the cure.
Key Verse: Mark 16:15 ESV

Prepare for the Weekend

Heart Behind the Series:
Generosity can seem unattainable to students, who might not have many resources to contribute. That’s okay! Encourage your students that they don’t have to wait until they’re older to live generous lives. It’s not about how much we have; it’s about our heart to give. Whenever they get an opportunity, they can practice the principles we talk about: give, save, spend. Students can start this habit with birthday money, allowances, or even with their time.

We know that when students spend time with their younger siblings, when they serve others around them, and when they make someone else’s needs more important than their own—that’s a huge step of generosity. So, celebrate the small wins with your students, and lead them back to the root reason we give—because God modeled it for us. Christmas is a great reminder that we get to celebrate the gift that changed our world forever—Jesus.

Important Updates:
We’re so excited that The Loop Show is back and here to stay! Starting this December, we’ll be airing all-new episodes of The Loop Show all the time. Your students won’t want to miss a week, but if they do, point them to the new YouTube channel. They can find The Loop Show channel under related channels on the LifeKids YouTube channel.

This exciting announcement is a great way to partner with parents. In week one, you’ll hand out parent letters to every parent during pick-up, or make sure each student leaves with a letter. This will cast some vision for what your students are learning at Loop every weekend and encourage conversations among families. Also, be sure to leverage the new Loop Show as a way to challenge students to attend consistently, invite like crazy, and engage in the experience in new ways.

Tips, Tricks, and Resources for Every Week:
During week one, we’re helping students understand what generosity means. We’ll show them that generosity is more than giving. It’s giving above and beyond. The Bible Plan that goes with this series can help you explain that even more. It’s called What Is Generosity? You can let parents know about that when you give them the parent letter about The Loop Show.

Week two is all about our motives of giving. We don’t give to get recognition or applause. We give because it’s the right thing to do. So, don’t shout about your generosity from the rooftops. Celebrate secret generosity, knowing that God sees what people can’t see, and He honors a quiet, cheerful giver. Your students will get to take home a secret giving activity sheet to reinforce what we’re learning this week. Make sure your students leave with their papers, and encourage them to do it throughout the week. Talk about how it went during week three!

In our third week, we’ll tackle the topic of our stuff! Don’t shame your students if they have a long Christmas wish list or have a lot of stuff. Instead, encourage them to focus on what matters most. We’re not saying stuff is bad. It’s not! Instead, we’re redirecting their focus to what really matters in life, like friendship, love, serving, following Jesus, etc. It’s perfectly fine to ask students what they’re hoping for this Christmas. But at the same time, talk about ways they can give back this Christmas season—not just what they can get out of it.

Heads up! In weeks three and four, you’ll need to take some steps to prepare your activity before activity time. Review your activity guides for further instructions about that.

In week four, we’re talking about the Christmas story. We know some students have heard it before, while other students have never been exposed to the true story of Christmas. No matter where your students are in their faith journey, they all have questions and they all need to understand the true reason for celebrating Christmas. Spend time reading the Christmas story in Luke 2 (more directions are on your leader guide), explain the details, go over John 3:16, and help your students understand that we get to celebrate God fulfilling His promise to send Jesus to earth so that we could become right with God. And that is worth celebrating!

Finally, we’ll go into a rerun the week after Christmas from our August series, Worth Sharing. It’s all about why the world needs a savior and what part we play in helping spread the Good News. Review your documents ahead of time for a refresher on how to execute that teaching with excellence.