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Following Jesus in Today’s World

by Amber Siany

Following Jesus in Today’s World for Your LifeGroup

If you choose to follow someone for the rest of your life, don’t you want to know where they’re going? Jesus calls people to follow Him, and knowing where He’s headed will change everything. In our new message, we’ll learn what Following Jesus in Today’s World really means.

Get everything you need to prepare for your LifeGroup during this special message series running July 3-4.

Talk It Over

The weekly Talk It Over guide has everything you need to lead your LifeGroup through a Christ-centered conversation about the most recent message. You can find it in the Life.Church App and at Or, maybe you just want to get it in your inbox weekly.

Read a Bible Plan Together

If you haven’t tried the Plans with Friends feature in the YouVersion Bible App yet, this is the week to start. Just find a great Bible Plan, choose the “With Friends” option, and then invite everyone in your LifeGroup to read along and comment each day.

Following Jesus in Today’s World LifeGroup Tips

  1. Ask each person in your LifeGroup to share their faith story. How were they first introduced to who Jesus is? What’s happened since then?
  2. From time to time, try to attend a service together as a group—especially as we gear up for At the Movies. Once the service is over, take advantage of the campus photo ops, go out to eat, or just spend time together. And when you go out, be thinking about who you can invite to join you at church.
  3. As a group, look for ways you can serve together, whether at church or in your community.
  4. Encourage your group to try the Three-Month Tithe Challenge if they haven’t started tithing already.
  5. Season five of the You’ve Heard It Said podcast is continuing to release new episodes on Mondays. Just listen to an episode before meeting, then use each week’s Conversation Guide to get your discussion started. Also, if you’re looking for even more content, you can search for topics like serving, sharing faith, and generosity to share great articles with your group.

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