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February: Purity

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February 27

Pray with Fire: God’s people pray in love, not prey in lust.
Key Verses: 2 Chronicles 7:14 NLT, Revelation 3:20 NLT
YouVersion Bible Plan: The Great Adventure
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This week, we’re exploring the idea that to live a life of purity, we need the weapon of prayer. Just as our phones need a charger, we need our power source—prayer. But we don’t just want to pray drive-by prayers—throwing up wish lists to God when we feel like it. Instead, we’re building a daily discipline of praying. We’re challenging ourselves to resist temptation and fight for purity by pursuing God.

This week’s big question is this: What would it look like if our students walked with God like their generation had never seen before?

Help your students understand that prayer starts as a discipline long before it becomes a devotion, but soon enough, we’ll start understanding the idea that we are powerless without it. Challenge your students to build the habit by doing a 10-10-10 challenge—more on that below.

Leader Challenge:

February 20

Lay with Fire: Sex is sacred.
Key Verses: Mark 10:6-9 NLT, 1 Corinthians 6:9-12 NLT
YouVersion Bible Plan: Swipe Right
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This week, we’re continuing the conversation about purity with gut-level honesty. Through a powerful message from the pastor of Transformation Church, Michael Todd, we’ll explore the idea that sex is sacred. In our casual, hook-up culture, the world tries to get our students to settle for less than God’s best for them. But God actually created sex, and He knows that it’s best when it’s in the right container—marriage.

So, what would it look like if we had a generation of students who refused to buy the cheap lies culture teaches and instead embrace the idea that their loving Creator has a greater story for them? We are challenging our students to understand the idea that sex is reserved for covenant relationships—marriage—because it provides so much more security and protection.

The goal of tonight is to alleviate shame for students who may have already crossed the line while also convicting our students to set boundaries today so that they can resist temptations tomorrow. You can help by creating a safe space for students to be raw, open, and honest about their ideas and their struggles. So, get ready to lead through some big conversations, and make sure you listen first and then respond in grace and truth.

Leader Challenge:

February 13

Play with Fire: Purpose is better than passion.
Key Verses: Proverbs 6:27 NIV, John 10:10 NIV
YouVersion Bible Plan: Dateable
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Culture feeds us a lot of lies about sex, and we’re combatting those lies with God’s truth in a message all about purity. We’ll uncover how sex has been distorted from God’s original design.

For this conversation to be effective, you’ll need to facilitate a safe space for students to bring their unfiltered, raw thoughts about purity. Don’t shame students for sharing or for past mistakes, but instead steer them toward a healthy, biblically centered view on why God’s plan for sex is so much better than the cheap imitation culture offers.

Help them establish respect for themselves, for God, and for the people around them by adopting standards now that will set them up to succeed later. Are they happy with how close to the line they’ve been living? Hold them accountable to living out what it looks like to honor God with every part of their lives—including their purity.

Leader Challenge:

February 6

So … About Purity: What do you think about purity?
Key Verses: 1 Peter 1:14-16 NIV
Extra Resources: The Dating Collection on Finds.Life
Video to Watch: The Bible Project: Holiness
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Tonight is another #SwitchOut—an opportunity for Switch groups to meet outside of Switch and either do a fun activity together or talk about some content in an informal setting. We’ve loved seeing your posts of activities you’re doing outside of Switch with your students, and we’re giving you another chance to do that this week. Make sure you get permission from parents about where your students will meet you, and keep them in the loop about what you’ll talk about or do.

This week is a great opportunity to introduce our monthly topic in a low-key way, because during the month of February, we’ll be talking all about purity. Tonight is a great way to have an initial, informal conversation about what students think purity is, why it matters, and what it means to us today. Before you get into tonight’s content, here’s a brief glimpse at our heart for the month of February:

Fire can purify or annihilate. Fire in the right context provides warmth, light, and life. Fire uncontrolled is devastating. We’re not sugarcoating it. We’re talking about what happens between bodies, hearts, minds, and souls when two people are sexually intimate. We’re undoing shame and secrets and making sex sacred again.

Action Steps for SwitchOut:
So, during SwitchOut, you can set up the idea of holiness and purity. If you choose to do content tonight, you’ll watch The Bible Project Video called “Holiness” (linked above) with your students, watch the @lcswitch Instagram Story for some fun icebreaker questions, and check out your leader video for more tips and tricks. Then, you can use your leader guide as normal for some more questions to get your students thinking.

The win for tonight is to make your group feel like a family because when you do, your students will be able to let their guards down and be fully transparent as we enter some deep conversations this semester. If that works best for your group by going to a movie, just hanging out and playing Fortnight, or going out for ice cream, that is great as well!

Thank you for all you’re doing to invest in students and lead them closer to Jesus. Switch truly does exist for students but would be impossible without leaders, so thank you again for all you do to build the Church.