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Everybody’s Welcome

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Everybody who trusts and follows Jesus is welcome in God’s family, the Church!

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August 10-11 August 17-18 August 24-25 August 31-September 1

How You’re Changing Lives

From a Staff Member: “I ❤️ this and wanted to share. This is from one of our LifeKids leaders: ‘Our Swerve volunteer in Cross Town … is so involved with our kids and really has close relationships with them. She leads a small group with ease and helps keep the kids engaged during the lesson. … she has amazing potential and you can see her greatness now.’ I love that not only are we leading kids to become fully devoted followers of Christ, but we are providing opportunities for our youth to grow, develop, lead, and shine.”

Leader Notes

Part of being a great Small Group Leader is being a great friend. Here are some tips on how to grow your friendships with the kids in your Small Group!

Heads Up!
Pre-K and Kindergarten start for many of our Ark and Cross Town kids this month! Kids may be excited or nervous and will definitely be experiencing a lot of changes to their routines.

Support Resources

Click on the links below to watch videos, download leader guides, and prepare for your weekly experience.

Worship Moves: “I Am A Child of God”

Worship Moves: “I’ll Go”

Mr. Music’s Song: “God’s Family”

Guy the Bible Guy’s Verse Motions: 1 Timothy 3:15

Order of Experience What to do, when

Quick Look Which Prop Talk to prepare for, how long to play, and run time for Movie & Music

Prop Talk Leader Guide What to do for each Prop Talk

Picture Pass Leader Guide How to lead Picture Pass review time

Small Group Leader Guide Ages 2-3 How to lead your small group in Under the Sea and In the Jungle

Story Cards Ages 2-3 Story cards for small group time in Under the Sea and In the Jungle

Small Group Leader Guide Ages 4-K How to lead your small group in The Ark and Crosstown

Story Cards Ages 4-K Story cards for small group time in The Ark and Crosstown

Message Video

This Month’s Episode: Everybody’s Welcome