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Easter 2016

Know The Series

The deepest love poured out of the greatest sacrifice in history. A love that heals. A love that forgives. A love that welcomes. Join us this Easter as we celebrate the power of Christ’s resurrection.

Craig will use these themes to show the power of what Christ did for us.

Talk It Over

Each week, we work from Pastor Craig’s message notes to write a mobile-friendly discussion guide called Talk It Over at  life.church/talkitover. Pick and choose the right questions for your group during this Easter week. Or, sign up today to get the Talk It Over emailed to you weekly.

The Bible Plan

How would you spend the last week of your life? The last week Jesus was on earth in human form was filled with memorable moments, fulfilled prophecies, intimate prayer, deep discussion, symbolic acts, and world-changing events. Designed to start the Monday before Easter, each day of this Life.Church Bible Plan walks you through the unfolding story of Holy Week. Start the Bible Plan today.

Your LifeGroup

Easter is all about new. It’s the perfect week to open up your group to new people. Think about throwing an Easter party as a group and inviting people who don’t have a church or don’t have family to be with on Easter. Between Pastor Craig’s message and the Talk It Over—you’ll have plenty to talk about.

Bring People Along

A recent study found one in five Americans is still undecided about whether or not to attend an Easter service. Your invite could make all the difference—in their decision and their entire life.


Series promos, message excerpts, and more are available at the Life.Church YouTube Channel.