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Do you want to win as a Small Group Leader?

When you signed up to serve with the next generation was it because you just needed an extra thing to do on the weekends or because you truly want to make a difference by investing in a small group of kids? I believe that if you are reading this, then you are passionate about influencing and inspiring your small group to mobilize their faith.

There are 4 basic things you can start doing right now to win as a Small Group Leader in LifeKids:

1. Know your kids’ names. Doesn’t it feel great when someone knows your name? It’s just a different feeling when you feel known because someone greeted you by your name. That is the same for kids, it shows your small group that you care so much about them and your relationship with them that you remembered their name. Have you downloaded the Lead Small App yet? There you can save the names of your consistent kids that are in your small group often!

2. Make sure your group knows your name. Create a fun way for them to remember it, when you start group you could have a call-back, “Hey kids.” followed by “Hey there Ms. Shelly” or find your own creative way.

3. Greet your kids’ parents at pick up. When parents begin arriving for pick-up, you can simply stand up from your small group, greet the parent who is there “I love having Justin in my small group, can’t wait to see him next week!”

4. Send your kids’ a random postcard. You can get a postcard from your LifeKids team or use one of your choice and then just pick one of your kids, maybe one who had a specific prayer request this week, or had something exciting happen at school, and send them a random postcard.