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December: Generosity

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December 12

What Are You Seeing Now?: Find a need and fill it. See a hurt and heal it.
Key Verses: Matthew 6:19-23 NIV, 2 Corinthians 9:8 NIV
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It’s the final night of the fall semester, but we are just getting started. We know that as Switch, we are TribeDwellers, and we gain power when we meet together as the body of Christ. But even when we’re not at Switch, we still #SwitchOn by the way we live and the way we love. So even though we’ll be taking a short break, we’re not stopping the momentum. Switch is a movement, and we are continuing to push that movement forward by challenging our students to live generous lives.

We’re sending students off to the holidays with a powerful message from your Youth Pastor that will cause them to take an introspective look at how they’re living their lives. Are they living for themselves or for others? Are they seeking out opportunities to be generous or consumed in their own world?

We’re setting the standard that as Switch, we will lead the way with irrational generosity. That’s not just a phrase our church created to sound cool. We truly believe that God has called us to find needs and fill them and to see hurts and heal them. Inspire your students to rise up and help others around them. They have talents they can use to serve others. They have time they can invest in siblings or kids on the weekend through Swerve. And they have resources they can use to be generous. And when they choose to change what they’re seeing—themselves and their needs—to what God sees, then we truly experience life change and people start becoming attracted to the Jesus they see in us.

So tonight, challenge your students to look for ways they can put others above themselves. Help them shift their perspective away from themselves and onto others, changing what they are seeing to what Jesus sees.

Leader Challenge:

Spend tonight reflecting on progress you’ve made as a group this year and celebrating the wins you’ve experienced. Encourage your students in the ways you’ve seen them grow, and inspire them to come back ready for a new semester and new year with fresh passion and energy.

To make tonight’s point stick, you might consider giving each of your students a notecard. They can exchange notecards and write their name, number, and ideas of ways they can be generous on it. Then, the other person can hold them accountable through the break. See your leader video for some more ways you can consider doing this.

We cannot thank you enough for the countless hours you’ve invested in students this semester. The way you serve is showing students what generosity looks like, and we are praying you have a restful and joyful Christmas break. We look forward to pressing on into 2019 with you!

December 5

Super Sick Recap: We are LightSeekers, TribeDwellers, and StoryTellers.
Key Verses: Luke 11:35 NLT, Matthew 18:20 NIV, Matthew 10:32-33 NIV
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We’re hitting the high moments of Switch this semester with a fun, high-energy, reaction-style video going through all the messages we’ve covered this semester. We’ll discuss what we’ve learned, milestones we’ve reached, and who we are as a Switch family. We want to highlight our shared identity as Switch to give students ownership of Switch. That way, they feel a sense of belonging to the Switch movement as well as feel inspired to invite as many people back with them for the final week on December 12 and the spring semester.

This message will feel like a firehose of Switchness, but don’t worry. We certainly don’t expect you to go through every single message! Instead, challenge your students to pick one message from the semester that really resonates with them. Ask them why they chose that particular message, and challenge them to come up with an action step to apply the teaching from their favorite message to their life.

Heads up! Because it’s a different message style, we wanted to equip you with a semester cheat sheet of every message from the semester. We’ll give you all the info you need to talk about the point of each week, as well as provide several action steps you can challenge your students to do. So, make sure you use your leader guide as a resource to help guide your conversations this week.

The overall goal of tonight is to get your students to reflect on what they’ve learned and who they’re becoming so that we can get ready to set goals for where we’re going in the spring. Have them come up with action steps of their own to try out, because when students take ownership of their faith, they’re more likely to live it out.

Leader Challenge: