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LifeGroup Leader Training

Welcome, LifeGroup Leader! 🎉

Thank you for stepping up to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ! We’re so glad you’re part of the team.
Life.Church Online is all about community. As a LifeGroup Leader, you’ll help give people a place to belong, be real, and grow in their faith. This guide will give you all the info you need to start impacting lives all over the world. 🙌🌍 Let’s get started!


Who is Life.Church? ⛪️

Whether you’ve attended with us for years or are just now learning about us, we’re so grateful that you’re part of our Life.Church family. We believe that a church isn’t a building—it’s the people. We meet in multiple locations around the United States and glo
bally online with a desire to make a lasting difference in your life, in our community, and in the world.

Life.Church’s Senior Pastor is Craig Groeschel, who started the church in 1996 with a handful of people after God gave him a vision for a different kind of church. He and his wife, Amy, live in the Edmond, Oklahoma area and have six children, one grandson, and another grandchild on the way. 👶🏼


What is Church Online? 🤔

In addition to meeting in physical church locations, Life.Church also meets globally online. Life.Church Online was launched in 2006 out of our core value to do anything short of sin to reach people who don’t know Christ.

Today, we host over 80 weekly online church services at, on Facebook Live, and on YouTube Live, and on Twitch, reaching an audience of over 300,000 people representing every country in the world. Each service features vibrant worship, an engaging message, live community, and a team of volunteers ready to welcome, interact, and pray with you.

Here are just a few amazing stats about Life.Church Online:


How do I lead a LifeGroup? 👥

Team Communication 🗣

Please join the LifeGroups Team Slack Workspace by clicking here. Slack is an application we use for all team communication so you’ll want to be on that frequently to keep up-to-date on all things LifeGroups. You’ll also get to connect with other LifeGroup Leaders from around the world!

Explore The Resources 💯

We have a growing list of resources including weekly Talk it Over notes, helpful articles, personalized training from your Community Leader, the ability to text one of our Coaches, and more! Make sure you bookmark this page so you can always refer to it.

Grow as a leader 📈

One last thing: Strong LifeGroup leadership starts with strong self-awareness. One of the best ways to grow as a leader is to subscribe to the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast. Additionally, you can learn more about who God created you to be and how you can leverage the gifts He gave you by checking out these personal development tools and assessments.

Congratulations! 👏

Thanks for completing the LifeGroup Leader training! Please post in Slack introducing yourself and let us know about the LifeGroup you’ve just launched. Welcome to the team!