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Christmas 2016

Know The Series

Even though they’ve been on the calendar all year, the holidays can sometimes take us by surprise. In fact, even the first Christmas started with a change of plans. No matter what you’re facing, you can approach it full of peace, hope, and love. Join us this Christmas at Life.Church to learn how.

Talk It Over

It’s like Santa came down your chimney and gave you everything you need to lead your LifeGroup. Just unwrap and enjoy. Go take a look at Or, get the Talk It Over emailed to you weekly.

Start a Christmas Bible Plan

Did you know the YouVersion Bible App is a ministry of Life.Church? It is, and because of you, we just celebrated 250 million installs on phones and tablets! The app provides the Bible for free with more than 1,000 different languages and versions available. So this Christmas, go find a Bible Plan, or a few, knowing you’re reading with people throughout the world.


Be Inviting

Christmas is one of those times of year when you ask people to come to church with you and they say, “Uh … yeah, sure.” So just do it. Invite someone.


Series promos, message excerpts, and more are available at the Life.Church YouTube Channel.