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Chat Host Training

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Welcome to the Host Team! 🎉

Welcome to the Life.Church Online Host Team! We’re so excited that you’re stepping up to help us lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. This training guide will give you all the info you need to begin serving on the team and impacting lives all over the world. 🙌🏼🌍

Who is Life.Church? ⛪

Whether you’ve attended with us for years or are just now learning about us, we’re so grateful that you’re part of our Life.Church family! We believe that a church isn’t a building—it’s the people. We meet in multiple locations around the United States and globally online with a desire to make a lasting difference in your life, in our community, and in the world.

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Life.Church’s Senior Pastor is Craig Groeschel, who started the church in 1996 with a handful of people after God gave him a vision for a different kind of church. He and his wife, Amy, live in the Edmond, Oklahoma area and have six children and one grandson. 👶🏼

What is Church Online? 🤔

In addition to meeting in physical church locations, Life.Church also meets globally online. Life.Church Online was launched in 2006 out of our core value to do anything short of sin to reach people who don’t know Christ.

Today, we host 80+ weekly online church services at, on Facebook Live, and on YouTube Live, reaching an audience of over 300,000 people representing every country in the world. Each service features vibrant worship, an engaging message, live community, and a team of volunteers ready to welcome, interact, and pray with you.

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Here are just a few amazing stats about Life.Church Online:

  • Last year, over 10 million people attended one of our online services.
  • Of those, over 18,000 gave their lives to Christ! 🎉🎉
  • We have over 600 volunteers serving from more than 50 countries—and you’re now one of them!

Our Teams 🖥📱

You’re joining the Host Team, a global team of volunteers who create a friendly and comfortable environment in our online services. As a member of this team, you’ll serve with the same team at the same 60-minute service each week. Be sure to show up 15 minutes early to your service so you can connect and pray with your team! 🙏🏼

We also have another volunteer team: the Prayer Team. This team receives and responds to prayer requests that come in from all over the world. Using a web-based email system, they send quick, caring email responses that include warm greetings, written prayers, and suggestions for next steps. Volunteers on this team can serve whenever they’re available and can even serve from a mobile device. If you or someone you know would be interested in serving with this team, let us know! 👊🏼

The Chat Host “Big 3” 💪🏼

Ready to learn what you’ll be doing as a Chat Host? It all boils down to 3 easy things—what we call the “Big 3.” These 3 things you’ll do are welcome, discuss, and pray. Let’s unpack each of those.

  1. 👋🏼 Welcome:

First, welcome each new guest into the chat area. You can use @ tagging like on social media to welcome each guest by name. A friendly welcome can be made even friendlier by using exclamation marks, emojis, and a follow-up question to get to know them.

Example: Hi @johnfromuganda, welcome to Life.Church Online! 🎉 We’re so happy you’re here today. How’s your day going so far?

  1. 🗣 Discuss:

Next, spark discussion in the chat area. You can do this by asking icebreaker questions, recapping key points from the message, or posting the Talk It Over questions in the bottom of the message notes. Open-ended questions—questions beginning with who, what, when, where, why, or how—are always great conversation starters.

Example: I love that Pastor Craig just mentioned _____. That’s so powerful! How do you think we can apply this into our everyday lives?

  1. 🙏🏼 Pray:

Finally, offer prayer to guests in the chat area. You can pray with people right in the chat area, or encourage them to click the Live Prayer button if they’d rather talk and pray with a volunteer privately. It’s amazing to see how loved people feel when someone reaches out to pray with them!

Example: Hi @martha75, I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your grandfather this week. Could we pray together here for you and your family? Let’s pray: God, we lift up Martha and pray that you would be with her and her entire family today. We ask that you would bring them your perfect peace and comfort, and that you would surround them with people who can encourage them in this season. Thank you for loving us and being with us in every difficult moment. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

An Important Note on Google Ads Guests ❤

At Life.Church, we’re passionate about doing anything short of sin to reach people who don’t know Christ. We believe that to reach people no one is reaching, we’ll have to do things no one is doing. One innovative evangelism strategy we use is running digital ads specifically for people searching for pornography on Google. When they search for sexual content online, they’re shown an ad from us offering them something else instead: a chance to try a Church Online service! Through this, we’re able to reach hundreds of thousands of new people each week, many of whom live in predominantly Hindu or Muslim countries. 🌏

When these guests arrive in your service, we encourage you to show them extra grace and love. Just by being there, they’re taking a small step toward giving God another chance in their lives. Remember that their addiction is an attempt to fill a void that only Christ can fill, so they often feel very broken, empty, and alone. We can show them the love of Jesus by welcoming them, letting them know that we’re glad they found Church Online, and encouraging them to stick around and share their thoughts on the message. 🔥

Don’t be surprised when you see guests post about sex. Your Host Team Leader will have the ability to delete overly vulgar posts or mute chatters who consistently disrupt the service, but overall, we want to do whatever we can to help these guests experience God’s love like never before. Seeing some of them begin to attend regularly and even surrender their lives to Jesus are some of the greatest joys of serving at Church Online! 🙌🏼

For more information on our team’s vision for Google Ads, check out this Tuesday Talk.