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Called for Your LifeGroup

Your life has a profound meaning. You’re called to a life of purpose. It’s not just what you do. It’s who you are. Come discover your passion, stoke the fire in your soul, and become who God is calling you to be.

Get everything you need to prepare for your LifeGroup during this special message series running July 11-19.

Talk It Over

The weekly Talk It Over guide has everything you need to lead your LifeGroup through a Christ-centered conversation about the most recent message. You can find it in the Life.Church App and at Or, you could get it in your inbox weekly.

Read a Bible Plan Together

If you haven’t tried the Plans with Friends feature in the YouVersion Bible App yet, this is the week to start. Just find a great Bible Plan, like Divine Direction, choose the “With Friends” option, and then invite everyone in your LifeGroup to read along and comment each day.

Called LifeGroup Tips

  1. Encourage your LifeGroup to try the Chazown Experience, or consider going through the experience together, even if you’re meeting remotely.
  2. Ask each person in your LifeGroup to share their faith journey. How did God start working in their life? How do they feel God leading them now?
  3. Talk about how God might be calling your LifeGroup to serve Him together in some way. It might even be serving at one of our Local Mission Partners.
  4. Try attending a service (whether in-person or through Church Online) together, at the same time. Once the service is over, discuss what everyone took away from the message.
  5. Search for helpful articles to share with your group about topics like purpose and serving.