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My Big Fat Mouth

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Know The Series

Words are powerful. They can beat us down and lift us up. They wound and they heal. And the right words at the right time can be exactly what we need to hear—or what we need to say. Let’s find the right words in a new series, My Big Fat Mouth. Start thinking about how you’ll use all the extra LifeGroup resources during this new series running September 9-October 2.

Let Pastor Craig Lead Your Group

We heard you loved Pastor Craig’s videos for your LifeGroups during Different, so He’s doing it again! Each week of My Big Fat Mouth, Pastor Craig will create a new video for your group with key points from the message, discussion questions, and an inspiring challenge for your group. You can find the videos here, on the Life.Church app, and where Life.Church videos are available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Roku. Just press play and follow Pastor Craig’s lead for a great conversation. Videos will be available on September 9.

Talk It Over

Get the most out of Pastor Craig’s discussion videos by using the Talk It Over guide to find more key points, Scriptures, and follow-up questions. The mobile-friendly Talk It Over guide is always available at Or, get it in your inbox weekly.

My Big Fat Mouth Bible Plan

I can’t believe I said that! I can’t believe she said that! Why do you always say that? You’ve probably seen, felt, and used words that give life and take it. This Bible Plan is written by several people, like you, who’ve watched as God’s Word has changed their words. Ask your group to read the plan and your conversations will be even more life-giving. The Bible Plan will be available on September 9.

5 My Big Fat Mouth LifeGroup Ideas

  1. Challenge your group each week to try something different with their words. For instance, a complaining-free week, gossip-free week, no-swearing week, or a compliment-everyone-you-talk-with week.
  2. Let the truth of these messages sink in deeply for you as a leader. Then, vulnerably lead the way by sharing about the areas where God is working on you.
  3. Pick a post, send it as an email or group chat to your group, and spark discussion during the week.
  4. Since Pastor Craig is creating videos for your group during this series, take the chance to let someone else lead discussion.
  5. Meet outside. Just do it. It’ll be fun. Many public parks have tables and some even have grills. What else could you need?

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