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Bad Advice

by Jason

Know The Series

“How did I end up here?” Behind every mess of harmful habits and rough relationships, we can look back and see where we got on the wrong track. Let’s untangle our lives by learning how to avoid Bad Advice.

Craig will use this Bad Advice to help us see the good.

Week 1: How to Drift from God

Temptation, circumstances, bad influences, and neglecting to spend time with God all contribute to losing your faith.

Week 2: How to Become and Addict

When you rely on yourself to fight a secret pull toward a worldly desire, you’re on the fast track to addiction.

Week 3: How to Commit Adultery

Allowing yourself to be in compromising situations and rationalizing your actions is a quick way to commit adultery.

Week 4: How to Be Dissatisfied

Being great at being ungrateful, comparing yourself to others, pursuing the fleeting over the permanent, resenting God for your current situation, and being entitled are easy ways to know you’ve become dissatisfied.

Talk It Over

Is this real life? Is Craig really giving bad advice? Don’t worry. It’s amazing how well the bad advice illuminates the good. Each week we’ll provide your group with plenty of discussion questions and biblical references at Pick and choose the right questions to inspire your group to talk and take action. Or, sign up today to get the Talk It Over emailed to you weekly.

Start The Bad Good Advice Bible Plan

A lot of LifeGroups are using Bible Plans and the Bible App in a really cool way. Instead of reading or watching something when they get together, some groups are reading Bible Plans together throughout the week and then bringing their thoughts to LifeGroup. Addiction, affairs, discontentment, and spiritual emptiness are tough topics. This Bible Plan offers Scripture and good advice to get your group thinking about tackling these real issues. This is the perfect series to pair a Bible Plan with your regular LifeGroup conversations. Start it today. 

You’ve Got This

It can be daunting to think about talking through such challenging issues at LifeGroup. But, it’s why you’re in a LifeGroup. First of all, lovingly listen to your group members. Offer care and support long before you offer advice. If you run into someone struggling with addiction, you might suggest going through the A Way Out series and Bible Plan. If marriages are struggling, check out this leader site post. If people are feeling distant from God, think about these four ideas. If it’s discontentment you’re group is up against, look into the Stay Positive Series and Bible Plans. Finally, but most importantly, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and give you strength and insight as you lead through these tough topics.

Be Inviting

This series will tug on the real heart issues so many people face. It’s also a lot of fun. There is someone you know who would benefit from it. Who are they?


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