Amber Siany, Author at Life.Church Leaders

Whoever Finds God, Finds Life.

September 26, 2022


Do you ever feel like you’re not enough? Or what you have isn’t enough to make a difference?

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September 21, 2022

Season 7 of You’ve Heard It Said Is Here, and We’re Learning It’s Okay to Talk About Time and Money

Have you ever wondered what Jesus has to say about time and money? Is it even okay for us to talk about these topics at LifeGroup?

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How to Talk About Time and Money Without Being Weird

We talk about a lot of personal things at LifeGroup. After all, that’s how friendships grow.

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September 12, 2022

Everything Your LifeGroup Needs for Sisters 2022

At Life.Church and in LifeGroups, we talk a lot about becoming fully devoted followers of Christ. But how do we do that?

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August 12, 2022

Talking About Mental Health With Your LifeGroup

In recent years, more and more people have started opening up about their mental health experiences and struggles. And this is a good thing!

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August 8, 2022

Peace of Mind

Sometimes we face battles that no one else can see. Maybe it’s trying to move forward after loss or uneasiness about the future.

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August 1, 2022

Suggested Resources for Theme Two of Foundations: Following Jesus Together

Find some of our favorite resources to dive deeper into the topics of theme two of Foundations: Following Jesus Together.

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Lead Like It Matters

Have you ever stopped to think about why you were put on this Earth? Or about the dreams God’s put inside you that you haven’t pursued yet?

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July 5, 2022

At the Movies 2022

Movies entertain us, but can they help us view God through a new lens? Yes! During At the Movies, we’ll get a new take on biblical truths from films.

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