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At the Movies

by Jason

Series Overview

Why do you love movies? Lasers and explosions? When the guy finally gets the girl? When good triumphs over evil? Maybe there’s more truth hidden in our favorite flicks than we realize. Start thinking outside the box office in #atthemovies.

Talk It Over

Do you ever run out of things to say, or maybe your questions are getting one-word-answers? We write a brand new Talk It Over guide based on each week’s message at! Each week, you can pick and choose the perfect questions for your group right from your mobile device.

Your LifeGroup

There is so much your LifeGroup can do together during At the Movies. For starters, the Talk It Over guide will be custom to each movie, each week. If you haven’t tried it yet, or it’s been a while, this is the perfect series for it. Or maybe you want to pull out your costume box for a themed movie watch party? Finally, week two happens to coincide perfectly with this Bible Plan and discussion guide created just for LifeGroups. You can read the plan during the week and discuss it when you get together. Whatever you do, have fun and watch out for Craigborg!

Be Social

At the Movies is one of your best opportunities to bring people with you to church. Social Media is an excellent place to start those conversations. Lead your group to take fun lobby photos together and use social media to invite mutual friends to come experience #atthemovies with you. Also, post nuggets from Craig’s talk that inspire you and start conversations by tagging people in your group in those posts. Use social media as an extension of your time together as a group for prayer requests, accountability, and for sharing your experience of living out each week’s message.


Series promos, message excerpts, and more are available at the Life.Church YouTube Channel.

Series Outline

At the Movies is here! Our lobbies are transformed into movie sets, and each week we’re learning spiritual truths from popular movies.

Week 1: You won’t know unless you come.

Week 2: Find out at church.

Week 3: So good we can’t tell you, yet.

Week 4: Ok, we’ll tell you this one. It’s …

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